TRG works closely with military bases across the country as a partner in modernization and mission expansion. Together with installation leadership, TRG identifies strategic priorities, challenges, and capabilities to advocate for with DoD and Congressional leadership.

Our team works alongside installation staff and state and local organizations to craft plans, messaging, and engagements aimed at driving success that ultimately benefits not only the base but also its local community and the broader DoD mission.

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John M. Simmons

Managing Partner

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Christopher J. Goode

Managing Partner

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Kathleen Ferguson

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Matthew Herrmann

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Jamie Jones Miller

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Jones Miller
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Mike Holmes

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Steve Iselin

PDAS USN (ret.)


Mary Jackson

VADM USN (ret.)


William French

VADM USN (ret.)


Peggy Poore

Maj Gen USAF (ret.)


Vinny Coglianese

MajGen USMC (ret.)


Peter “Duke” DeLuca

BG USA (ret.)


Corina Castillo-Johnson

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Rob Blackwell

Senior Advisor



Tyndall AFB “Base of the Future”

The Roosevelt Group was retained in 2016 to assist the Bay Defense Alliance secure a new MQ-9 Launch and Recovery Element at Tyndall AFB. The base was selected in 2017 but the celebration was short-lived; Hurricane Michael damaged 95% of the base the following year. Our firm worked successfully with military and civilian leaders to keep the base open with all of its current missions and to make Tyndall AFB a “base of the future” hosting three squadrons of the F-35 Lightning using advanced technologies (AI, ML, Robotics and 5G) on the “smart base.”

Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing & Technology Center

TRG worked strategically with the Army and local community to designate the Rock Island Arsenal as the Army’s Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence. We subsequently worked with the Congressional delegation to secure over $30 million in funding to prepare Rock Island for the designation. Overall, we have helped to secure several hundred million in funding for a variety of programs that help to sustain workload at Rock Island Arsenal including $30 million for the development of a one-of-kind jointless hull using the Center of Excellence. We also established a pilot program with the Army on developing an online real inventory tool that could revolutionize the Army stationing process as well as better take advantage of underutilized space in the Army.

Navy Lodging Privatization

TRG worked during consideration of the FY20 to eliminate language included in the Senate NDAA that would have prohibited the Navy from advancing a RFP to privatize their lodging system. The Navy was looking to save significant funding and improve the brand standard for their on-base lodging. TRG worked closely with Committee staff and personal offices to understand industry concerns through our client InterContinental Hotels Group and indicate the need to allow Navy flexibility to issue a RFP.