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Webinar: FY22 Defense Budget Implications

On July 21, TRG hosted a live webinar for its clients regarding the implications of the FY22 defense budget. Moderated by Matt Herrmann (Senior Advisor), the implications of the budget were discussed by TRG experts Gen (ret.) Mike Holmes, LTG (ret.) Steph Twitty, and Jamie Jones Miller. Each team member provided their unique insights into […]

Debate feat. LtGen Chip Gregson – Why is China Turning Up the Heat on Taiwan?

Beijing’s political and military pressure on Taiwan has been growing markedly, and some statements by senior Chinese leaders suggest a growing impatience for reunification. These developments have spurred an American debate over the effectiveness of long-standing U.S. cross-strait policies. But whether and how to adjust US policy depends critically on assessments of Beijing’s motivations and intentions. Have Chinese leaders given up on peaceful reunification? Are they likely to attack Taiwan once they sense a favorable military balance? Or are they reacting to perceived Taiwanese and American actions while looking for reasons not to use force?

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