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The Future of Air Warfare Podcast

Retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Lance “Pink” Floyd joins cohost Matt “Flounder” Arny to explore the possible factors and aircraft attributes liable to define air combat in the decades ahead, such as artificial intelligence, extreme speed, optional manning, and more. This episode covers a broad spectrum of elements in the Future of Air Warfare and […]

Kevin Sweeney on Russia: “Time is not on our side.”

History shows that targeted nations eventually find ways around sanctions, so the U.S. and NATO must keep the pressure on Russia. In a wide-ranging discussion on Thursday April 6th, Rear Admiral Kevin Sweeney, USN (Ret.) spoke with panelists at Stockton University’s Hughes Center for Public Policy about the war in Ukraine. Admiral Sweeney highlighted that […]

Russia’s War Of ‘Iron And Blood’ In Ukraine Has Changed Everything

The Roosevelt Group Senior Advisor, LtGen (USMC, ret.) Chip Gregson shares his insights with 19fortyfive. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Means Detterence Must Be Strengthened in Europe Now.

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