TRG is committed to promoting advancements in bioscience and research both inside and outside of defense communities. We have extensive experience in healthcare policy and research funding and understand the interplay between academic, private, and non-profit institutions in the biomedical space.

With TRG’s assistance, our clients have a finger on the pulse of the Hill, DoD, HHS, FDA, NIH, state legislatures, and others, allowing them to make informed decisions on critical investment and programs that drive America’s healthcare innovations. TRG is also intimately familiar with the PFOS and PFOA issues that affect Americans across the country.

Representative Clients

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Christopher J. Goode

Managing Partner


Matthew Herrmann



Dr. Rajesh Naik

Senior Advisor


John M. Simmons

Managing Partner


Debra Wada

ASA USA (ret.)



Covid Relief Funding for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cancer doesn’t stop for a pandemic, and neither do the world-class scientists, medical professionals and educators at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (RPCCC). TRG advises RPCCC on legislative, regulatory and policy matters, identifies funding opportunities and facilitates relationships to advance the Roswell Park mission and elevate its profile. TRG helped ensure that 2020 COVID response legislation addressed the unique needs of this nationally ranked institution that serves both as a hospital and a center for advanced cancer research.

Research and Development Funding for 3D Blood Printing

As global conflicts continue to put our warfighters at risk, Sciperio has pioneered a faster, safer and more agile way to treat warfighters injured on the battlefield. TRG is working with Sciperio and the Department of Defense’s Uniformed Services University to ensure funding is restored for this lifesaving Blood-On-Demand program, following a period in which funding for new innovations was reprogrammed for the Coronavirus response.