Bud Wyatt

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Harry M. “Bud” Wyatt, III USAF (Ret.) is a senior advisor at The Roosevelt Group. He joined the firm following his last assignment as the 14th Director of the Air National Guard (ANG), where he was responsible for formulating, developing, and coordinating all policies, plans, and programs which affected more than 106,800 Guard members in more than 88 flying wings and 200 geographically separated units throughout the United States, and several other of its territories. He retired from the Air Force in January 2013 and received the Distinguished Service Medal for his outstanding service. As a command pilot, he amassed more than 3,000 hours in the A-7, C-16, F-16, F-100, F-106, T-33, T-37, and T-38 aircrafts and has been recognized with numerous awards and decorations, including the Legion of Merit and the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal. He specializes in ANG Policy, BRAC, defense policy, and the federal budget process at Homeland Security.

Bud entered the United States Air Force in 1971 and was the 50,000th graduate from the USAF Officer Training School. He maintained a private law practice until his election to the Oklahoma bench. He served as the Director of the Air National Guard until 2013 and as the Adjutant General of Oklahoma from 2003-2009. Additionally, he served on the National Commission of the Structure of the Air Force. The Commission was tasked with putting together a comprehensive study of the structure of the U.S. Air Force intended to determine whether, and how, the structure should be modified to best fulfill current and anticipated mission requirements for the U.S. Air Force in a manner consistent with available sources.

Bud Wyatt received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Southern Methodist University and his Juris Doctor at Tulsa University. He is also affiliated with the National Guard Association of the United States.