Elana Broitman joins The Roosevelt Group after 30+ years of experience in government, the technology space, and nonprofits. Elana specializes in defense industrial base issues and acquisitions, international trade and defense issues, and technology issues from cybersecurity to blockchain and semiconductor manufacturing.

A Capitol Hill veteran, Elana spent a dozen years serving as NY Senator Gillibrand’s Senior Advisor on Senate Armed Services and Senate Foreign Relations Committees, where she helped usher in national cybersecurity programs, ensure the health and stability of New York military installations, and pass sanctions legislation. Before that, Elana served as counsel on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, overseeing intelligence and counter-narcotics programs and Eastern European policy.

Elana’s government security service incles her position as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy, and Senior Advisor for Rule of Law at USAID, responsible for former Soviet states. At DOD, Elana led the establishment of Manufacturing Institutes, CFIUS, and merger reviews, and addressed numerous acquisition and Supplier issues are facing the country’s defense industrial base. Elana brings experience in the technology arena, having helped to build a domain name start-up, establish a digital identity non-profit, and launch the New York affiliate of the think tank, New America. Elana is well known for her publications and speaking engagements on technology policy, including a paper on technology’s impact on the SDGs for the UN Secretary General.

Elana has also devoted time to serving the Jewish community, most recently as Senior Vice President of Jewish Federations of North America, where she has worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security on securing faith-based nonprofits in the United States. Elana came to the United States as a young refugee from the Soviet Union, growing up in Texas and graduating from Trinity University and the University of Texas School of Law. Elana speaks Russian, Bulgarian, and German.