The Quad-City Times Editorial Board recently published an article highlighting the timely innovation occurring at Rock Island Arsenal, a major Army installation that is home to more than 80 tenant organizations that provide critical products and services to all of our Armed Services. The TRG team has worked with Rock Island Arsenal for over 4 years to help the community collaborate with the Arsenal’s leadership to adapt to ever-evolving Army and broader DoD missions, modernization, and strategic shifts. 

“It’s generally been true that the more the Arsenal establishes itself as a provider of unique capabilities, the greater value it brings to the military and, thus, to its own future. The success of this new manufacturing center is important to that effort.”

Editorial: Keeping pace with change, Quad-City Times July 4, 2021

TRG worked with the Quad Cities Defense Alliance, the Arsenal leadership, and the Congressional delegation on the establishment of the Center of Excellence for Advanced and Additive Manufacturing at the Arsenal, addressing a critical need within the Department to expand 3D printing capabilities. By harnessing the local additive manufacturing capabilities in the Quad-Cities, the Center adds value to the Army and DoD all the while supporting the local economy, stimulating real job growth, and serving as an innovation hub for both the Army and the Department of Defense as a whole.

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