Mr. Taylor is a 32-year military and civil aviation professional with twenty-one years of experience in the Washington, D.C. policy arena. He has been a part of the team at The Roosevelt Group since February, 2016. His portfolio over these decades has included a wide variety of international, national, and regional issues. Scott specializes in Airspace and ranges, military and civil flight operations, strategic basing, as well as energy and environmental initiatives.

He is a retired Air Force command pilot and an active commercial airline pilot with a resume that includes: Director of Operations, Air Force Flight Standards Agency; Deputy Division Chief, Air Force Strategic Basing; Department of Defense – lead representative for airports and Air Force – lead representative for aircraft equipage at the congressionally charted Joint Planning and Development Office for the Next Generation Air Transportation system; Founding chief of the Operational Sustainability Branch at the Air Force Ranges and Division; Consulting liaison to the Department of Defense Energy Siting Clearinghouse for renewable energy; and, the White House Military Office. Mr. Taylor holds Federal Aviation Administration certificates as an airline transport pilot and flight engineer. He has logged flying hours in command on every continent, to include National Science Foundation support from the seasonal sea ice runway at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, and has consulted over the past five years on airspace and aviation operations across both Europe and Asia. Mr. Taylor received his Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies – Chinese at Florida State University and is a War College Graduate.