Steven W. Zander

As of August 1, 2016, Steven W. Zander, is the owner and CEO of “Partnering – Innovation Miracles by Design, LLC.” Steven is building upon over 35 years of experience gained while working for the Air Force at all levels — installation, major command and Headquarters United States Air Force. He is a recognized expert in military installations issues most notably for leadership of Air Force and community partnering initiatives. Recently he was recognized as a Samuel J. Heyman, Service to America Award, 2015 Finalist, Management Excellence. A “partnering” expert, he is known for his ability to communicate and work with people inside and outside the Department of Defense — always striving to achieve the best, mutual value and benefit for communities and the Department of Defense. As of August 1, 2016, Steven also became a Director/Chief Financial Officer of “Neurogel en Marche – USA, INC.: a tax-exempt corporation focused on research, rehabilitation therapies and finding a cure for chronic spinal cord injury and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Director, Air Force Community Partnership Program, Assistant Secretary of the
Air Force for Installations, Mr. Zander was responsible for policy, programs and budgets for comprehensive base planning programs to include the AF Community Partnership and Air Force Encroachment Management Programs —paving the way for military and community leaders at over 50 bases/locations to collaboratively and innovatively identify, develop and refine over 1,000 partnership initiatives with the potential to avoid or reduce Air Force operating and service costs by $260M in five years, inside and outside the installation fenceline. He met with congressional members and their staffs addressing their questions regarding potential solutions for meeting the mutual needs of the Air Force and communities. Developed an Opportunity Analysis process that analyzed an installation’s underutilized facilities, infrastructure and real estate as a means to identify high value public-public; public-private partnership initiatives with potential value.

Director, Air Force Encroachment Management Program, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations. Directed worldwide Air Force compatible land use/development, encroachment management and mitigation initiatives; developing and implementing policy, plans and budget in the areas of comprehensive planning, compatible land use, and encroachment mitigation for the entire installation complex. Directed the creation of over 70 Air Force Encroachment Management Action Plans as a means to identify past, present and potential future encroachment issues with mitigation strategies; working integrally with the Department of Defense Energy Siting Clearinghouse enabling the approval/review of over 2,000 renewable energy projects annually. Provided Air Force policy and professional consultation to HAF, DoD, Congress and other governmental agencies on airfield encroachment-related issues. Developed and oversaw policies to mitigate encroachment/incompatible land use impacting Supported Planning, Programming and Budgeting activities by providing data and recommendations to the Air Force Corporate Structure on requirements validation and prioritization.

Strategic Basing Program Manager, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, provided coordination and oversight of Air Force Strategic Basing Process. Crafted responses to congressional, community, major command, headquarters Air Force and secretariat questions regarding the basing of major weapon systems to include: F-35, F-22, KC-X, C-17, MC-12W, C-27J, MQ-1/9 and others. As a Base Request Review Panel representative he provided input on weapon system basing criteria, and candidate base list preparation in preparation for presentation to and review by the Strategic Basing-Executive Steering Group (SB-ESG). Prepared executive-level briefings for presentation to the Air Force Board and Council, CORONA and congressional members and their staffs. Provided secretariat oversight of Air Force community planning programs. The secretariat expert on the OSD Joint Basing initiatives and interaction with the headquarters Air Force staff on the Operational Space Environment initiative designed to provide oversight and management of all Air Force ranges.

Deputy Director, Installations & Mission Support, Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command, Robins Air Force Base, GA, led a 7-division directorate of 138 professionals in providing policy and management of civil, contracting, security forces programs affecting 84,000 personnel at 10 primary and 46 smaller installations. As The Civil Engineer directed planning, programming, design, construction, operations & maintenance, infrastructure, real estate, fire protection, emergency response and force protection programs. Led execution of $500M in active major and minor construction projects and managed an annual $250M operating budget. Led creation of first reserve officer development program—became template for all 12,000 command officers Transformed 5,500 reserve civil engineer force posture—stood up two new heavy construction squadrons, new explosive ordnance and headquarters staff augmentation capability. Established new Installations and Mission Support directorate—realigned 138 positions to create 7 new divisions and 14 new branches; Instituted new FOCUS initiative to quantify $6.3B in facility and infrastructure, accomplished facility utilization surveys for key facilities at 10 host and 26 tenant locations; identified $2B in backlog requirements; created new asset management prioritization investment strategy. Led development of two initiatives to exchange real property for $150 million in new facilities.

Commander, Mission Support Group, 4th Fighter Wing, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, NC, Led 7 diverse units with 1,800 military and civilian personnel. Operated and maintained a 50,000 acre installation with 96 F-15 fighters and 8 KC-135R refueling aircraft, 14,000 personnel and infrastructure valued at $2 billion. Managed $50 million annual operating budget. Responsible for installation police, firefighters, environmental, facility and infrastructure repair and maintenance, logistics, vehicle operations and maintenance, food and lodging operations, contracting, human resource office, and family support programs. Stood-up new Mission Support Group—integrated logistics and contracting capability into highly responsive team. Led mobility machine to insure efficient deployment of 1,700 warriors to war—IRAQI FREEDOM. Established $300 million vision to upgrade and construct 600 new housing units. Twice directed rapid clean-up and recovery operations following fighter aircraft crashes. Crafted comprehensive 2025 Plan to guide future major facility and infrastructure investments.

Chief, Housing Division, Office of The Civil Engineer (HQ USAF)
Washington, DC, led an 18-person division in developing and managing a Family Housing Master Plan affecting $33 billion in facilities and infrastructure worldwide. Provided policy and guidance for operations and maintenance of 104,000 housing units and 61,000 dormitory units; providing oversight of $654 million in annual construction and $830 in annual operations and maintenance activities worldwide. Directed 28 Air Force housing privatization initiatives affecting 27,000 units and providing $2 billion in improvements. Directed staff reorganization to achieve efficiencies while implementing manpower cuts. Created first-ever Air Force Housing Master Plan—formally lauded by Congress. Created first-ever General Officer Quarters Master Plan–$77 million in requirements for 267 units worldwide. Established first-ever Dormitory Design Guide incorporating new design scheme and standards. Crafted new Dormitory Master Plan—identified $1 billion requirement to reduce 12,700 dorm room deficit. Created new housing requirements process documenting need for 61,000 houses worldwide. Directed study of private sector housing, crafted new housing size standards, then spearheaded discussions with compensation and other Services to achieve consensus—achieved Office of Secretary of Defense and congressional approval.

Civil Engineer Squadron Commander, 48th Fighter Wing, RAF Lakenheath, led a 470 person squadron operating and maintaining two installations with 2,300 acres, 714 facilities and 2,360 housing units located at 15 separate areas. Directed fire protection, emergency response, explosive ordnance disposal and environmental protection operations supporting 3 F-15 fighter squadrons and a regional hospital. Led squadron during addition of 100 new military positions—devised rapid training program to enable deploying 50 warriors to Hungary during Boznian conflict–Op JOINT ENDEAVOR. Creatively managed $26 million annual operations and maintenance budget—Operations Flight: Best in Air Force. Superb leadership during several Nuclear Surety Inspections: “excellent” IG ratings—Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight: Best in Air Force. Created 5-year $400 million facility and infrastructure investment strategy. Created $2.6 million energy conservation program—Best in Command. Created $180 million housing upgrade program—Housing Flight Best in Air Force. Overcame inertia to create and implement privatization initiative to build 500 new houses.

Bachelor of Science, Architecture, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Bachelor of Science, Government, University of Maryland – Overseas
Masters of Architecture, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB
Air War College, Maxwell AFB