Harry C. Disbrow

Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor, The Roosevelt Group
Professional Summary

Harry C. Disbrow, Jr is a Senior Advisor to The Roosevelt Group. Prior to joining the firm in September 2016, he was the civilian deputy to the US Air Force Director for Operations, responsible for formulating strategy, developing policies, and integrating global operations across the spectrum of air, space, nuclear, counter-proliferation, homeland security, weather, and cyber missions. In this role, Mr. Disbrow’s portfolio included management of operational and capability planning, support to current operations and training, warfighting requirements development and validation, and programming and budgeting in support of national security objectives and military strategy. He brings 46 years of solid experience in Air Force operations, with over 26 years of Active Duty service and 19 years as an Air Force Senior Executive Service civilian at the Pentagon. His experience provides thorough understanding of Air Force aviation and the Department of Defense’s core processes, including budgeting, programming, warfighting requirements development, and acquisition. In addition, he was the senior civilian operational representative in the US Air Force Strategic Basing Process, the Air Force Council, and the Air Force legislative liaison processes.

Recent Relevant Experience

Associate Deputy Chief of Staff for Air Force Operations, HQ US Air Force, Pentagon, Washington D.C.
Mr. Disbrow was the civilian deputy to the USAF Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Planning and Requirements on budgeting, flying hour, force structure, strategic basing, ranges and airspace, DOD acquisition, and legislative processes. He was key in establishing “get-well” programs for fighter pilot and remotely piloted aircraft manning shortages. He was also responsible for advising Air Force leadership on current operations, including combat operations in multiple theaters. Mr. Disbrow chaired the Air Force Operational Requirements Oversight Council for over ten years, responsible for approving all major weapon system requirements.

US Air Force Active Duty, multiple locations
Mr. Disbrow served on Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force from January 1971 to September, 1997. During his tenure, he amassed more than 3000 flying hours including all models of the F-15, and the T-37/38. He held numerous key operational command and staff positions at multiple levels, including Squadron, Group, Wing, Combatant Command, and Headquarters, US Air Force.

Air, Space, and Cyber Operations
US Air Force Warfighting and Training Requirements
Joint Warfighting Requirements Development
Strategic Basing, Ranges, and Training Airspace
Strategy and Force Structure
Programming, Budgeting and Legislative Process

BA, Business Administration (Accounting and Finance), University of Washington, Seattle, 1970
MBA (Finance), Oklahoma City University, 1976
Joint Command and Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia, 1985
National Security Leadership Course, Syracuse University, New York, 2002
Program for Senior Managers in Government, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2007

The Roosevelt Group, Senior Advisor (2016-Present)
U.S. Air Force, Senior Executive Service, (1997 – 2016)
Active Duty US Air Force, (1971-1997)