How We Do It

The Roosevelt Group serves as an extension of your staff on the ground in our nation’s capital. In addition to providing access, insight and strategy, we roll up our sleeves and work as hard as you do to achieve your goals. Our work doesn’t stop at just opening doors—we pave the way to meet your organization’s objectives and create unique opportunities to tell your story to the right audience at the right time.


“The Roosevelt Group delivers results on time and on budget. Each member of the Roosevelt Group brings an incredible amount of depth and experience to the table.”

Admiral Craig Quigley, USN (ret.), Executive Director, Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance


We influence policy through an interactive process that allows us to work together with you as a unified force toward a common goal. We are accessible and responsive 24/7/365 – and have repeatedly demonstrated our willingness to engage on behalf of our clients whenever and wherever required. Our experience in Washington has taught us how to communicate the right message, develop the most effective policy position and execute a strategic plan that leads to your success.